The Year of the Snake

Year of the Snake

The operative word for the year is integrity. Begin with the self.

Divest yourself of the illusions that hold you back. The truths you discover become your most powerful ally. Own the truths so that you may grow and thrive. The way you treat your body; how you speak to yourself; the way you might use judgments to separate yourself from people.

Most important – express gratitude for all that has been given to you.

Take the time to ponder and appreciate all that is and all that was. Guided by desire, commitment and intention are the fuels that propel you into a future that is all you would like it to be.
The Snake is a lover of knowledge and truth. Re-awaken intellectual pursuits. Read some books; an inspiring way to overcome lazy thinking. Investigate the world in a way that you haven’t before. What you discover will surprise, delight and even empower you.

Any kind of educational experience, whether it be learning new manual or technical skills or simply leading to self-improvement is greatly encouraged.

Examine your most intimate relationships. The Snake’s fixed element is fire. Matters of the heart are re-energized this Year. If you are looking, you may well meet that special one. If already involved, passions can be re-kindled explosively. Honesty and fidelity are the catalysts and are required.


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