How to Make a Good Cup of Green Tea

Green Tea

How to Make a Good Cup of Green Tea

It wasn’t just the taste of the tea that was unusual; it was what it was doing inside me. It was what I was experiencing in my body, my heart and my soul that made me pay attention. I moved over to the kitchen table and sat down. And there I sat, letting the tea wash over me.”

-The Spirit of Tea, Frank Hadley Murphy


Making a good cup of tea is an art that tea masters have developed over years of practice. But with few easy rules, we can also accomplish this -not so simple -task. Like in wine tasting, it is important to invite our senses to choose good loose leaves for green tea. Look at the color of the dry leaf. A green tea should not be black or brown as the oxidation process should not have deteriorated the color of the leaf. There should be a nice and fresh smell too. Some Japanese green teas are so fresh that you could almost recognize the smell of grass. My favorites are the Chinese jasmine green teas. The light floral smell touches me deeply. My full being wakes up gently to a new day.

The next important component is the water. Do not use tap water. The harsh chemicals of the water would destroy the delicate flavor of your tea, plus do you really want to ingest chlorine, fluoride regularly? You can use distilled or purified water. Your next step is the water temperature. Never boil your water; it would scorch your leaves. Green tea is ideally brewed at 160ᵒ F for 3 to 5mn. It’s better to steep delicate teas a little longer using water at a lower temperature then it is to force the leaves to gives up their essence with high temperature and end up with a bitter brew.

You are now ready to pick up your favorite cup and savor your tea. But just before that, a tea master. a long time ago, shared with me her personal daily ritual that I am now passing down to you: Gently turn your cup and make your tea circle twice: once for peace on earth and once for peace in you.




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