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Laurence Bouchard

Born and raised in France, I took so much of my lifestyle for granted. My grandmother, an herbalist and avid gardener, deeply influenced my life. Her advices were simple and practical: follow the seasons, eat a little of everything, and please spend time outside. Walk if that is what you like to do, bike or dance. Life has to be celebrated and respected. She introduced me to the naturopath Raymond Dextreit, whose life work received “Le prix de la Paix au Mérite des Medecines Naturelles” (Peace award for Natural Medicines benefits) in 1989.

For more than 10 years, I had a career in Business. I had obtained my Bachelor in Economics from France and a M.B.A. from Dowling College, NY. Nothing exceptional, I was not especially excited about this but I was good at it and it was paying the bills.

My life totally changed at the birth of my two daughters. Health issues made me seriously reconsider my American way of life and its impact on my family. At 30 years old, I went back to school obtained a license in Massage Therapy from New York State and later on, a Master Degree and license in Oriental Medicine. I created my own company, called Joy of Life, PLLC, opened a practice in Oyster Bay, NY and taught for 5 years at New York College for Health Profession in Syosset.

My goal is to share what I have learned. Both Raymond Dextreit and Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasize a lifestyle to attain and maintain health. It is possible to age gracefully and enjoy life to its fullest by using natural, century proven methods. By improving the quality of life of my patients, I aim to restore a certain “Joie de Vivre”, (Joy of Life), that will rejuvenate their spirit, mind and body.


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