Face Oils Face Oils

It is a misconception to think that oils on the face are clogging, unless you are using mineral oils. Organic oils are absorbed very quickly by the skin to leave your skin fresh and glowing. As we get older, our skin gets thinner and our glands are not producing as much oil as we would need. This creates dryness, a lack of elasticity and we lose our youthful glow.

Joy of Life Wrinkle Oil: A mix of all natural apricot, sea buckthorn, evening primrose, carrot and rosehip oils with invigorating essential oils. Use only few drops the evening or morning if living in a very dry environment. 2oz, $40.

Mamiline Oil: This oil was created for my mother in law. Her skin was so sensitive that any cream would burn. This oil is made with aloe vera, calendula and birch sap that are known to soothe any irritation. I like to use this oil as a serum in the morning as it is very light but rich in nutrients. 2oz, $40.


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