Grand Marnier Crepes
1.5 cup of Flour
½ tsp salt
2 eggs
2 tsp Coconut oil (or butter if no coconut oil available)
2 cups of milk
1 Grand Marnier

Makes about 16 to 20 crepes

1. Mix the dry ingredients first. Then add the 2 eggs while mixing consistently
2. Warm up coconut oil to liquid and add to mixture
3. Slowly add milk while mixing. The batter should be smooth without any lumps.
4. Add Grand Marnier to taste
5. Warm up a crepe pan on the stove. Add a little butter in the bottom of the pan to preventing sticking of the crepes (A Tefal pan will work best)
6. Put about a ladle of the batter in the warm pan. Make sure that the batter spread evenly over the pan.
7. Cook first side, then turn the crepe in the pan. Cook the other side.
8. Deposit on a plate and prepare pan for the next crepe.

As a snack or dessert:
This crepe can be enjoyed with a little sugar or jam or Nutella

As an entry or appetizer:
This crepe can be filled up with
– Ham and cheese
– Mushrooms, ham and cheese
– Asparagus, garlic, ham and cheese


Roll the crepe with your filling. Add a little cheese in the top. Cook in the oven for 15mn or enough time for cheese to golden.


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